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About – Our Martial Arts Program

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self defenseWing Chun Kung Fu and Self Defense Programs

In this amazing program, you will learn the incredible system of Wing Chun Kung Fu. You will be taught in detail the concepts and principles so you understand how to make this art work effortlessly for you.

Wing Chun is an incredibly powerful art. You will not only become an exceptional martial artist and realistically will be able to defend yourself, but you will acquire a skill set that you will use daily to enhance the quality of your life.

You will always learn at the pace that is best for you. Learn at your own comfort level in a wonderful training environment with nothing but masterful instruction. Our curriculum is structured to provide you with a well rounded, individually designed martial arts training program.

[accordion_shortcode][accordion_item title="What Your Will Learn"]· All Aspects of Wing Chun Kung Fu System
· Philosophy
· Concepts and Principles
· Forms
· Wooden Dummy Training
· Chi Sao
· The most effective Self Defense (all aspects)
· Combative Applications
· Ground Defense and Fighting
· Multiple Attacker Training
· Weapons Defense and Fighting
· Mitt, Shield and Bag Work
· Micro Study Sparring
· Full Contact Sparring
· Pressure Point, Controlling, Locking and Joint Disruption Applications
· Mediation
· and much more…[/accordion_item][/accordion_shortcode]

[accordion_shortcode][accordion_item title="Wing Chun Society Curriculum"]martial arts guideWhen you join the WCS, you receive a student handbook to keep you on track. The handbook provides you with a detailed outline of the system along with a section for you to take training notes. This program is an evolution of decades of study_ and provides you with the very best! At the WCS, we have so much great kung fu to teach! We never hold back so you can learn and grow at your own pace. As you see from the level requirements below, we do not hold students back from participating in higher level material. We want you to experience it all as soon as possible as you have the rest of your life to work on it![/accordion_item][/accordion_shortcode]

[accordion_shortcode][accordion_item title="Wing Chun Kung Fu Program Level Requirements"]Level 1 – Foundations

Level 2 – Applied Concepts

Level 3 – Crossing the Bridge

Level 4 – Sensitivity Training

Level 5 – Chi Sao

Level 6 – Bil Gee (Assistant Instructor)

Level 7 – Combat Sparring Drills and Random Applications

Level 8 – Mook Yang Jong (Senior Assistant Instructor)

Level 9 – Chi Gerk (Sifu or Simu)[/accordion_item][/accordion_shortcode]

[accordion_shortcode][accordion_item title="WCS Masters Program"]Level 10 – Master Level Instructor/Practitioner[/accordion_item][/accordion_shortcode]

[accordion_shortcode][accordion_item title="WCS Self Defense Program Level Requirements"]This material is learned along side with the level requirements above. It has been sectioned this way for maximum retention of the material.

Level 1 – Structure

Level 2 – Grabs

Level 3 – Chokes and throws

Level 4 – Ground Defense and Seated attacks

Level 5 – Basic Weapons Defense

Level 6 – Certified WC Self Defense Instructor[/accordion_item][/accordion_shortcode]

[accordion_shortcode][accordion_item title="WCS Advanced Training Programs"]This material is additionally taught within the program although we have special workshops for students to take a more in depth study of these combat training areas.

Advanced Combat Applications

Advances Control Applications

Anti-Ground Fighting and Defense

Advanced Combat Sparring

Stick Fighting and Defense

Knife Fighting and Defense

[accordion_shortcode][accordion_item title="Certification"]testingTraining is about developing your own personal Kung Fu. Level certification is the ultimate way to constantly monitor your progress though the system. Level certifications are modified private lessons_which make them an extremely rewarding and beneficial part of your training. We must continue to polish what we know even as we expand on it.

There is much more to the system than what is expressed in attaining the level requirements. The designated levels illustrate and require an attainable amount of information that allows development and progression. The framework of this Kung Fu program is like no other! We take pride in offering absolutely the best martial arts training education possible that you will find invaluable in the creation and enjoyment of a successful future. Following every skill level test, you will be personally awarded with a Certificate of Achievement that certifies your dedication to and proficiency in those skills and techniques.