Wing Chun Society - 2 Division St., 3rd Floor, New Rochelle, NY 10801.

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Wing Chun Society

Wing Chun School

The Wing Chun Society is dedicated to the highest level of quality of instruction and study involving the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Self Defense and Modern Day Close Range Combat Training.

The Society has but one goal: The preservation and enhancement of the quality of the incredible Wing Chun Martial Art. With the study of Wing Chun, you become a powerful fighter with profound martial arts knowledge and you adopt skills that enable you to enjoy a higher quality of life.

The Wing Chun Society is proud to be affiliated with the NAWCA (North American Wing Chun Association) lead by the world renown Kung Fu Grandmaster, Philip Holder.

WCS Headquarters Location

We are located at 2 Division Street, New Rochelle, NY (Westchester County)

Sifu Wahnish’s Personal Teaching Style and Wing Chun Training

Safety & Health: Careful, personalized training tailored to the needs of the individual.

Respect & Patience: Everyone learns according to their natural ability, at their own pace and without feeling the stress of a competitive environment. Classes are designed to provide cooperation, fun and excitement for all participants regardless of skill level.

Thorough Analysis & Instruction: Just acquiring a skill doesn’t mean you understand how, when and why you use it! Learn, fully integrate and understand why you are doing specific moves and routines that unique situations might require. Explanations are comprehensive, and questions are encouraged.

Martial Arts & Traditional Chinese Medicine: Sifu Wahnish has a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This advanced education allows him to explain Wing Chun both as an art and as a science (e.g., angles of your joints, pressure points, etc) and the precise physiology that makes the application of these skills so successful.

calligrapherWCS Logo

The official Wing Chun characters for the WCS were created exclusively for Sifu John Wahnish by the world famous calligraphy master, Jin-Huai Wang.

Professor Wang Jinhuai was a calligrapher, classics scholar, and practitioner of the Confucian style of Chinese medicine. Researching traditional medical texts was one of his great loves, particularly The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. Featured in Bill Moyers’ “Healing and the Mind Series” for his wonderful way of sharing Chinese culture, Wang Jin-Huai was a true master, healer, philosopher and calligrapher. Professor Wang passed away in 2003. His was an incredible spirit, and I am proud and honored that I had the opportunity to be taught by him.