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What is Wing Chun Kung Fu


Wing Chun is a system of Southern Chinese Kung Fu. It is a complete, thorough and detailed martial arts system. The key word here is system, the art gives you the tools you need not only to be a greater fighter with the ability to truly defend yourself, but skills needed to take control of your everyday life and make the decisions that are right for you. That is what it is truly about the core philosophy taking control of your life.

Why it Works so Well

This brillant art form works great for anyone as it is based on concepts and principles of economy of movement and energy. Doing the absolute simplest actions with the most maximum effect. It does not use blocks rather utilizes deflection and redirection. If you are attacked then you should expect they are prepared, not alone, armed and dangerous and yes bigger and stronger. Little weak people do not go around attacking others by themselves. So tactics that rely on brute strength won’t work.

Training Elements

Wing Chun has so many great training elements that makes training fun, exciting and effective. The system also has some amazing training elements that are unque to the syustem such as the Mook Jong (wooden man) and Chi Sao (sticky hands)

Here are some kung fu training elements of the system


  • Sil Lum Tao
  • Chum Kue
  • Bil Gee
  • Mook Jong (wooden dummy)
  • Bart Jarm Doa (buttery swords)
  • Lim Bik Kwoan (dragon pole)


  • Punching and Kicking Skills
  • Partner Drills
  • Battle Sets
  • Flow Training
  • Chi Sao
  • Chi Gerk
  • Self Defense and Weapons Defense
  • Anti Grappling
  • and more.

There is so much about this truly amazing art a page could never do it justice. This site is dedicated to Wing Chun Training at the Wing Chun Society, classes, seminars and events. Thus I have created a global project, an educational resource center to teach more detail about the art online. Visit this resource center here.


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