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WCS Special Offer

Welcome to the Wing Chun Society!

wing-chun-programI hope to see you in the next class and I look forward to working with you.

As a Wing Chun Society student you can join the Online program at a discounted rate.

I created this online program as a way for students to receive additional training and be able to review lessons at anytime in the comfort of their own home.

At $100.00 an hour, not many students can afford taking private lessons every week or every month for that matter. So this is a way for students to recieve a private lesson every week for less than ten dollars!

How the Program Works

It takes just a few minutes to sign up and have access to the Wing Chun Online Members Training Hall.

As a WCO Member you will receive:

  • Wing Chun Online Training Lessons Every Week!
  • WCO Members Newsletters
  • WCO Members Only Gear
  • And much more!
You will Learn:

  • Wing Chun from the Ground Up!
  • Wing Chun Concepts and Principles
  • Wing Chun Basics: Forms, Footwork, Punching, Kicking etc.
  • Wing Chun Applications
  • Realistic Self Defense and Streetwise Combat
  • A Truly Effective Close Range Combat System and so much more…

This is something you can try and cancel at anytime if you are not satisfied.


Sifu Wahnish

WCS Member Rate: Only $39.95